Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's been awhile since I have blogged, because I honestly cannot stand it. Although we are supposed to blog for this class once a week, I have now procrastinated so bad that I have 5 blogs to post by the end of the semester.
It's not because I'm lazy or unmotivated, but it's just the simple fact of blogging that i'm not interested in.
But on a more positve note, I'm going to blog about how much I enjoyed our Race, Gender, Media class this semester. I learned a lot, and I feel that in any class that you learn new and interesting material is always going to leave an impact on you and stay with you for the rest of your life. It was the small things that we learned that really made a huge difference. What the difference between Qualatative theme analysis and content analysis is. All the types of semiotics as well. How to do a case study and more.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So I started thinking about people stereotyping a person by what magazines they read or look at. I guess after doing a couple of different content analysis, I started realizing how repetative magazines really are.
I think my random subcriptions to Texas Monthly, D magazine, News Photogrpahy, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, Jane, and Glamour are somewhat diverse. Although to be more specific, there are only 2 different categories; newsworthy, and leisure.
I guess sense we are on the topic of stereotyping people in our media, this to would have to be an issue.
Some say they "typical" girl is to read the girly or trashy magazines about useless information. But the truth is I don't clasify myself as that myself, and I love to kick back with a Marie Claire, Vogue, Jane or etc. Just as I imagine guys who read maxim or car magazines, I don't feel that just because a guy reads those is he a "typical" guy.
I don't feel that people should be stereotyped so much about such little things in life, but that is how the IDEA of stereotypes all began, and it will always be the same.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In one of my traditional younger female JANE magazine this month. I tore out ads that caught my attention about females and how they portray themselves with ads.
JANE is a publication that is read by the younger female adults, the magazine tends to focus on a girls body and how certain materials represent their lifestyle.
These advertisings that I tore out are seriously the stereotypical ads that catch a young females attention about what they are wearing, or what product are they using.
As I was separating the ads from each other and trying to group them together, my observations are clear that not only if I grouped the ads into categories on race, it is clear that the minority are represented by a small percentage. Most of the ads have a young white female in the ads. Not only that but when I separate them into body types, unfortunately I can't. Every single female is skinny as a twig and of course flawless. There is not one heaview female in any of the ads.
The majority of my ads represent a female in a sexual way, weather it's the girl staring seductively into the camera or by what she is wearing, or if she had her legs wrapped around a guy or another girl in that matter.
Another way I could group these ads were to categorize them by stereotypes. I have ads that represent hair products weather you have red, blonde, or brunette hair and how they act having that color hair.
Separating the ads into sports/athletic ads vs. trendy clothing or other material ads we come across the object of sterotyping again. Now we have strong female vs. weak or naive female. I see more of reality when I read the Nike Ads about a girls butt, hips, or knees, because the ads portray the truth of a womens body. On some of the other ads you wouldn't see a girl all dressed up in a fur coat grocery shopping, some of the fashion ads are a little elaborate. To me these aren't realistic.
So using this magazine it's easy to separate by race and gender. Gender representing the different females and what kind of female that portray.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Sunday September 18th I went down to the Reunion Arena in Dallas and covered the Hurricane Katrina parade that celebrated the evacuees leaving Reunion Arena and moving into a place they were soon to call there new home.
I talked to many evacuees and got their reaction about their experiences in the past couple of weeks and how they felt about everything that they had to go through.
I soon came to a realization that many of the people I talked to and photographed were more than happy to have their individual story heard and told.
They were hurting so bad, and all they wanted was for the people or the media to realize it and to try to feel what they had been through.
On that Sunday afternoon, members from the one o'clock lab band from UNT were going to be playing with some New Orleans' evacuees musicians. They were going to come together as ONE band and play like they had never played anything before.
The New Orleaners brought the New Orlean jazz to Dallas, and the lab members from UNT celebrated with them there celebration of people coming together to help them make it through this natural disaster.
I share my experience as a blog because I want people to realize that although the media may have portrayed the people of New Orleans as people they are not, I think it is fair to say that people all around the world wanted to do something for those people, and because of the media, some of us and probably most of us, would never know really HOW bad it really was without the strength and the courage of many of the journalist who covered this hurricane.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The idea of blogging for me is the concept of writing my opinions or questions as a personal entry.
Since we've been discussing the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and how society feels about the media at this time, I guess that is what I'm going to blog about tonight.
First of all, being a photojournalism major, I feel that the photojournalist who have been covcring this horrible event have showed society through pictures how sad and horrible life is for the hurricane victims. I think the media has done an excellent job with letting us know how things have been there, and what is going on NOW.
As journalism majors, I think we all know that there will never be a perfect media coverage of anything. Someone will always find a flaw in the media and how the media perceived something.
Right now, the media is being looked down upon how they portrayed the African-Americans during this time..... The truth is... they are telling their story the best they can.